There are several billing options for legal services, and the fee is generally subject to free agreement between the lawyer and the client.

Number 1

Time fee

With this type of billing, an hourly rate is agreed upon, and billing is based on the actual time spent. My standard hourly rate is EUR 360.00 (incl. 20% VAT).

Number 2

Flat fee

If the expected amount of work and time can be reliably estimated, it is possible to agree on a flat fee. A flat fee is often favorable for the client because you know from the beginning exactly what costs you will incur.

Number 3

Billing according to the legal requirements

Here, the statutory provisions set out precise criteria for the charging of attorney's services. The amount of the fee depends on the value of the subject matter of the dispute or the right in question. According to tariff is often settled in civil proceedings.

Initial interview

I charge EUR 200.00 (incl. 20% VAT) for a one-hour initial consultation. 

Even if there is no further cooperation after the initial meeting, the content of our conversation is treated confidentially and is subject to the lawyer's duty of confidentiality.

Lawyer Daniel Strauss
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Which billing method is used depends on the individual case and is to be agreed between me and you. The method of calculation of the fee is always agreed in advance, so that you always know which billing method will be used.


The fees are each net plus cash expenses and sales taxes.

More detailed information about the lawyer's fee can be found in the online info brochure "Attorney's fee My right is precious!" of the Austrian Bar Association.

Make an appointment

Let me know your preferred date and I will contact you immediately. The desired date serves only as a guide for our office. We will contact you to fix the date in further consequence.