Economic and corruption criminal law

White collar criminal cases are a major personal and economic challenge for the client. Investigations and proceedings can take years, documents are seized, assets are seized or access to accounts is blocked.

I represent both you and your company in white collar criminal cases. Whether you are a victim of white collar crime or you are the subject of a house search; having worked in one of Austria's largest commercial law firms, one of the leading law firms in the field of white collar crime and as the head of the legal department and compliance officer of a multi-billion Austrian investment holding company, I have expertise not only in criminal law but also in corporate, capital markets and commercial law as well as in economic issues.

I am here for you!

If your freedom is at stake, you should choose a lawyer specialized in criminal law. In case of emergency (arrest, house search) you can reach me at +43 699 1922 1541 even outside normal office hours.