Execution of sentences and measures

Another focus of my legal work is the execution of sentences and measures.

Maßnahmenvollzug, refers to various forms of deprivation of liberty of dangerous offenders (until recently referred to as "mentally abnormal lawbreakers") and addicted ("weaned") offenders.

The term "Maßnahmenvollzug" usually refers to the placement of mentally ill offenders (formerly "mentally abnormaloffenders") in a forensic therapy center pursuant to Section 21 of the Criminal Code. A distinction is made between offenders who, due to their serious mental disorder, were insane at the time of committing the act (Section 21(1) StGB) and those who, although able to recognize the wrongfulness of the act, suffer from a serious mental disorder (Section 21(2) StGB).

The execution of measures in Austria has been criticized for years. This makes competent counseling of those affected all the more important.

I regularly cooperate with the Competence Center for Correctional Measures, which provides psychosocial process support and expertise to those affected and their relatives during admission and release procedures:


I will also help you during incarceration and counsel them in the penal system on the following concerns:

  • conditional release
  • Request for clemency
  • Suspension of sentence
  • Penitentiary Location Change
  • electronically monitored house arrest ("ankle bracelet")
  • Free access, exit, etc.

I am also happy to take care of the following matters:

  • Suspension of driving license, for example due to alcohol or drugs
  • Administrative Criminal Law
  • Weapons law
  • Passport withdrawal
  • Liability compensation
  • early redemption from the criminal record
  • Victim Representation & Private Involvement

I am here for you!

If your freedom is at stake, you should choose a lawyer specialized in criminal law. In case of emergency (arrest, house search) you can reach me at +43 699 1922 1541 even outside normal office hours.