Administrative criminal law and ancillary criminal laws

I am also happy to take care of driver's license revocations due to alcohol or drugs, passport revocations, weapons law, law enforcement, ankle bracelets, administrative penalties (such as those related to COVID-19 measures), and more.

I will also help you during incarceration and counsel them in the penal system on the following concerns:

  • conditional release
  • Request for clemency
  • Suspension of sentence
  • Penitentiary Location Change
  • electronically monitored house arrest ("ankle bracelet")
  • Free access, exit, etc.

I am also happy to take care of the following matters:

  • Suspension of driving license, for example due to alcohol or drugs
  • Administrative criminal law (also in connection with COVID-19 measures).
  • Right of residence and citizenship
  • Weapons law
  • Passport withdrawal
  • Therapy instead of punishment
  • Liability compensation
  • early redemption from the criminal record
  • Victim Representation & Private Involvement

I am here for you!

If your freedom is at stake, you should choose a lawyer specialized in criminal law. In case of emergency (arrest, house search) you can reach me at +43 699 1922 1541 even outside normal office hours.